Well Ma, life on the ranch has been pretty exciting these past few weeks… the heifer had calves….

Damn, sometimes I forget whose diary I am writing, ha ha. It’s been a long while since my last entry, I hadn’t realized how long until I took a look at my home page. On the baby front, things are progressing nicely and we are looking forward to the next visit with the doc in a few weeks… we should be able to hear the heart beat and cool stuff like that. Robin thinks she can already feel the little guy/gal moving around in there, but it might be a little early for that–have to ask about that when we see the doc. Last night I told Robin she had to come up with some bizarre cravings soon, every guy I know that has a kid has some crazy story about late-night runs for exotic foods, but Robin hasn’t had any of those yet. That means that I don’t have any cool stories to tell either, a definite draw back.

In the past few weeks the “move back to the homeland” lobbying has been pretty strong from her family. I understand that they want to be close to Robin and their newest relative but the way to do that isn’t to have us move back to their hometown. I don’t know why they think we are gonna pick up and move–our lives are just as set as theirs are, and our friends and jobs are just as important as any that they might have. That sounded pretty whiny… definitely not intended. I am just amazed at the lack of respect their attitude shows towards us.

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