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So I resolved that run-on page thing with those handy-dandy PREV and NEXT buttons, I guess eventually i will have to come up with some kind of index or calendar, but for now while the site is small they will do.

So I have been doing some more reading from The Expectant Father and some of the stuff in there makes a lot of sense… and I was surprised to learn that I am not the first father-to-be that feels a need to journal my thoughts during the pregnancy. I was able to breathe a sigh of relief as I really understood that literally billions of men have gone through exactly what I am going through now and that it is unlikely that my reactions will be too far off the mark form the norm. As a matter of fact, all of the reactions to pregnancy may have already been done at least once–so I am not even breaking any new ground. That’s a little tough to take since a good part of my ego is invested in being an individual.

Last night, Robin and I played a game called Farkel for the first time. It is a game played with 6 dice and Robin tells me it is similar in concept to Yahtzee!, which I have never played. She beat me twice in a row, but that wasn’t so bad. We are usually a little lopsided in games, like chess. But hat is to be expected since I taught her to play. She now knows most of my moves and uses them against me (is there a lesson there?) So back to this Farkel game, it was pretty easy and all you need to play is six dice. Here’s the instructions.

One of the other things the book suggested is that we chronicle the state of the world today so that we an our child can look back to reminisce when they are older. So just for grins here are the current prices of some things in Lititz, PA as of today:

Gas, 1 gallon: $1.03
Milk, 1 gallon: $1.93
Soda, 1 can: $0.60
Bread, i loaf, sliced: $0.79
Movie, 1 ticket: $6.50
Rental Movie, 3 nights: $2.75
Coffee, 16oz. cup: $0.69 – $1.25 (depends on store…)

In the same vein, here are some recent or on-going world events…
Kosovo: NATO continues to think an air-war will make a Hitleresque dictator come to his knees while 100,000+ refugees suffer miserably.
Littleton, Colorado: 2 (maybe more) misguided teenaged boys walk into their high-school with pip bombs, assault rifles and pistols and proceed to execute 20+ students and 1 teacher before killing themselves. Biggest school massacre to date, the country and the media are still reeling with shock.
Washington DC: The Microsoft anti-trust suit continues its ridiculous and interminable course towards nothing.

So none of that stuff was very positive now was it? Well, maybe in the next 9 months I will have some more positive things to say.

On a more humorous note, we left a frozen cake out to thaw on the counter last night for dessert and Liza & Casey, our two Dalmatians, proceeded to lick the icing off of one side of it. They couldn’t get to the other three sides because it was too far back on the counter and seemed to be pretty depressed about the whole incident.

On a totally different tack, I am super-happy that we are finally going to be getting our 2 new Sony laptops from CDW, that damn 4 week back-order was driving me crazy. Now I can keep this diary form the house instead of having to do it after hours at the office.

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