Teen Drivers: We’re Watching You

COMMENT: Finally some useful reason for a kid to carry a cell phone….

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From birth to their pre-teen years, your children have operated within a safe and supervised environment 24/7 – mostly at school and home. However, at some point they will begin their foray into the outside world – beyond your direct supervision. Most people would agree that as kids grow, this distance is necessary and desirable to form strong, independent personalities.

However, you know that your kids continue to need your guidance and direction throughout their teen years. Simply because a teen receives a driver’s license, doesn’t mean they automatically know and do everything required to keep themselves and others safe. This is why automobile accidents are the leading cause of death among teenagers. When society combines freedom from supervision with a ton or more of metal, adds speed and a feeling of invulnerability, the result is a recipe for disaster.

In the past, thousands of our children have died at the wheel because of one simple factor:

Their driving behavior was anonymous

Kids could drive any way they chose as long as their parents or law enforcement weren’t around. The bottom line in keeping our kids safe and reducing teen driving fatalities is parents knowing more about the driving behavior of their teen drivers.

On the road, other motorists around your teen driver know how they’re driving – but until TAA, there hasn’t been a way for you to know. TAA provides you an inexpensive decal-based driver monitoring tool which has been proven effective for more than 10 years in reducing accidents of commercial drivers. Studies show a whopping 30% to 50% reduction in accidents when a decal is simply applied to a commercial vehicle bumper.

With a TAA decal on your teen’s car, their driving behavior is no longer anonymous. You can have the peace of mind that you know how they’re driving – and can take the actions required to ensure they drive safely. The mere presence of a decal has been proven to improve driving behavior.

We believe the TAA Decal Program will help your keep your teen drivers and others safe.

The heart of the TAA GPS Program is the Nextel i730 or i830 GPS-equipped cellular phone. When loaded with TAA’s cell phone software and given to your teen, these standard Motorola phones will securely transmit the teen’s location, speed, and direction of travel to TAA every two minutes.

As the parent, you can visit the TAA website to view your teen’s location and location history. You may also call our secure Locator Line (using any phone) to hear the phone’s last known location, speed, and direction of travel. No cell phone is required by the parent for this program as ANY cell phone (or other phone) from ANY carrier will work with the TAA Locator Line.

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