PA Roads Rated WORST in the USA

If you live in Pennsylvania and haven’t already said “this road sucks!” here is your proof that our roads really are horrible, trust the people that drive our roads professionally every day

Pennsylvania’s bad roads are no secret –

Pennsylvania’s highway system hit another pothole last week when an Overdrive Magazine poll revealed that truckers declared the commonwealth’s roads to be the nation’s worst.

And the turnpike, based on high tolls, a generally bumpy ride and constant construction delays, took most of the blame.

Ten-four, good buddies, but we didn’t need you to tell us that.

Here a link to the original article at OverDrive Magazine and an excerpt:

Comedian W.C. Fields said: “On the whole, I’d rather be in Philadelphia.” According to the latest Overdrive Worst Roads survey,most truckers would rather not. On the whole, most would rather skip all of Pennsylvania.

For the second consecutive year and the fifth time in a decade, Pennsylvania leads our worst roads list. Among the chief complaints: the conditions of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, I-78 and I-80, and poor signage. The Turnpike, also known as I-76, is further ripped for its high tolls.

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