Sounds Like… ?

SCENE: sitting at the dining room table after steak, baked potato, corn on the cob, fresh broccoli

DAD: I don’t know dear I’ve heard the Dark Night is probably just too much for him…
MOM: Sam says that he saw it and that it’s violent but not gory. He thinks our evil genius child can handle it.
DAD: But doesn’t a guy get stabbed in the head with a pencil? I’d love to take him’cuz I want to see the movie, but he’s 8…
SON: [walking dishes to sink] What’s gory mean?
DAD: something that’s got a lot of blood and guts that kids shouldn’t see…
DAUGHTER (age 6): [overheard part of conversation from another room] Doesn’t gory mean happy? Like in that movie where they sing about “food gor -eee- ous food” … you know the food makes them happy?
SON: [walking past sister’s room now] I don’t think that’s it….

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