Camp Mack Mapping Project – Matt’s Tracks

I made a solid contact with Matt Myers of SAMBA today. We’re going to make our best effort to update the trail map. The division of labor will be pretty simple at first: I’ll  provide whatever mapping savvy I can and Matt will provide local knowledge. We’ll be working with Gary at Camp Mack and Mike at Green Mountain Cyclery to keep everything in perspective. We’ll add more folks as needed.

After viewing my ‘Square One’ map Matt noted some trails no longer exist, others have been moved and some additions as well. He sent me a bunch of GPS track files he had previously recorded this evening. I converted them from GDB format to CSv with GPS Babel and then imported the CSV into ArcMap as an X/Y event theme and then exported that X/Y data to an ArcMap SHP file.

You can see from the PDF file below that once I overlaid all of the themes simultaneously there are some areas where I was reeally close and others that are significantly ‘not right’. and then there is one area that is just a mass of craziness.

My next step is to resolve the point themes into linework, I’ll leave that for this weekend.

If you’re going riding up at Mack this weekend in the wet and snow make sure to tke your GPS and ride a trail that hasn’t already been GPS’d.

090226-matts_tracks.pdf (960 KB)

SPECIAL NOTE: This PDF is layered and georeferenced. If you open it in Acrobat 9 you can turn on and off the different GPS tracks individually (use Layers menu at the left) and also can use the Analysis toolbar (under view menu) to find latitude and longitude coordinates.

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