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Are Your Feet Warm & Dry?

On the coldest of days, we appreciate the warmth of our homes, hats, coats, …..and socks. Yes, there are many who have none of these. Those people consider clean, dry socks a luxury. Walking the streets, their feet get wet, then dry, then wet again, increasing their risk for infection. We desire to bless people with a gift that can potentially save their lives….new white cotton socks.

Will You Help the Cold & Homeless?

PURCHASE NEW WHITE MEN’S COTTON SOCKS when you’re out shopping. Maybe you can afford a single pair or maybe it is several packs of socks. Think as if you were buying them for yourself. How many pairs of clean socks do you need this week? That amount will help several people. Then, DROP OFF THE SOCKS at the bin located nearby in Lititz.

Deadline: Saturday, 12/3/2011

All donations are scheduled to be distributed the weekend of December 10-11, 2011.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Will Get the Socks?

The socks will be distributed to those who need them through Hope Within, a low income clinic with two locations, and also through Water Street Ministries in Lancaster.


Because ALL people matter. People are homeless for many reasons. Regardless of prior circumstances, common decency demands that we help the less fortunate. The homeless tend to have only a single pair of socks. Foot-related diseases are very common among the homeless.

If You Want to Help:

We can’t wait to hear from you! We need help to spread the word, to buy socks, and to distribute socks to the homeless. Use the contact information below to reach out!

Who Are You Guys?

This is a cause, not an organization.

The idea grew out of a home Bible study group in Lititz. We decided to demonstrate our faithfulness by living out the beliefs we profess, namely to care for those Jesus called “the least of these.” We want you to join us in helping others. You don’t have to share our beliefs. You just have to care for people in our midst who are in desperate need of compassion. It’s just the right thing to do. And while it won’t solve all the problems of homelessness, it’s a place to start.

People helping with this outreach are:

Burghart Family
Hartmann Family
Echternach Family
Dennis Foreman
Nancy Foley
Nicky Marley
Newman Family
Pam Schenenberger
Grace Walters
Yoder Family

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