Bigfoot found in Lititz!

It may have been a few years ago… but it makes you wonder what’s in your own back yard. Wonder how much this guy had to drink that night?

Lancaster County Sightings
September 9 2004 near Lititz: Man claims that after watching program on the Outdoor Life Channel, he decided to duplicate the program and broadcast alleged Bigfoot sounds into the wooded area behind his home. After broadcasting, he received several guttural scream like replies.

It gets better, I found this ‘sighting’ via Google Earth! you can download a kmz place file with more than 4,200 Bigfoot sightings! Now, that’s having some time on your hands with nothing better to do…. and then you can go to the source website (Mangani’s Bigfoot Maps) and get the whole thing in other formats and more recently updated too!

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