Everyone back in the pool!

A member of the Optimalist health club hacks a hole into the ice covering a canal near the village of Viazynka, Belarus [Picture: REUTERS]

Seen anything crazy in the news lately? Nope, haven’t seen anything out of the ordinary myself…

Just wanted to throw out a quick post to say Happy New Year to everyone and let you know here’s yet another opportunity for you to “get back in the pool” and fire up your woefully out-of-date blog/twitter/facebook/reddit etc etc etc page. I’m also diving back into the pool for my third graduate course in Geographic Information Systems at Penn State. So if you’re one of my fellow classmates visiting my blog for the first time, enjoy the view!;-P

Does the Ford Bronco cause people to kill?

First it was OJ Simpson, now this crazy dude in State College, PA. IS it the white Bronco? Does this particular Ford product have strange mystical powers that attract psychos? This issue deserves significant study or at least some kind of media review… just how many crazies can be tied to a white Bronco? What makes this vehicle an ideal choice for nut jobs? It can’t be the gas mileage, maybe it is the roomy interior. I guess if you’re on a suicide mission in Central PA or fleeing the cops at low speeds in LA a Prius just doesn’t have the same panache. Here’s a related link… Christine think about it.

The Dark Side of Miyagi

Mr. Miyagi in full Effect

Mr. Miyagi: He will kick your ass. | Eat Lard.

Today we investigate the life of government strongman Mr. Miyagi. Mr. Miyagi is known to have killed at least 94 bad guys in his life and also has won a medal for being an alcoholic. Other achievements of Mr. Miyagi include inventing karate and Japan.

Mr. Miyagi will chop off your face.Mr. Miyagi can solve all problems. Even problems which involve nuclear attacks and the mafia are nothing for Mr. Miyagi.

Who Knew?

Bigfoot found in Lititz!

It may have been a few years ago… but it makes you wonder what’s in your own back yard. Wonder how much this guy had to drink that night?

Lancaster County Sightings
September 9 2004 near Lititz: Man claims that after watching program on the Outdoor Life Channel, he decided to duplicate the program and broadcast alleged Bigfoot sounds into the wooded area behind his home. After broadcasting, he received several guttural scream like replies.

It gets better, I found this ‘sighting’ via Google Earth! you can download a kmz place file with more than 4,200 Bigfoot sightings! Now, that’s having some time on your hands with nothing better to do…. and then you can go to the source website (Mangani’s Bigfoot Maps) and get the whole thing in other formats and more recently updated too!

Climate of Fear – Hiding the truth about Global Warming

OpinionJournal – Extra
Climate of Fear
Global-warming alarmists intimidate dissenting scientists into silence.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006 12:01 a.m. EDT

There have been repeated claims that this past year’s hurricane activity was another sign of human-induced climate change. Everything from the heat wave in Paris to heavy snows in Buffalo has been blamed on people burning gasoline to fuel their cars, and coal and natural gas to heat, cool and electrify their homes. Yet how can a barely discernible, one-degree increase in the recorded global mean temperature since the late 19th century possibly gain public acceptance as the source of recent weather catastrophes? And how can it translate into unlikely claims about future catastrophes?

The answer has much to do with misunderstanding the science of climate, plus a willingness to debase climate science into a triangle of alarmism. Ambiguous scientific statements about climate are hyped by those with a vested interest in alarm, thus raising the political stakes for policy makers who provide funds for more science research to feed more alarm to increase the political stakes. After all, who puts money into science–whether for AIDS, or space, or climate–where there is nothing really alarming? Indeed, the success of climate alarmism can be counted in the increased federal spending on climate research from a few hundred million dollars pre-1990 to $1.7 billion today. It can also be seen in heightened spending on solar, wind, hydrogen, ethanol and clean coal technologies, as well as on other energy-investment decisions.

But there is a more sinister side to this feeding frenzy. Scientists who dissent from the alarmism have seen their grant funds disappear, their work derided, and themselves libeled as industry stooges, scientific hacks or worse. Consequently, lies about climate change gain credence even when they fly in the face of the science that supposedly is their basis.

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Ian’s Shoelace Site

Ian’s Shoelace Site

Who’d have thought there was so much technical knowledge and creativity tied up in shoelaces? Most people figure they learned all they needed to know about shoelaces in kindergarten! Ian’s Shoelace Site contains all sorts of shoelace information, some of it useful, some just for fun. If you wear shoes with laces (or anything else that does up with laces), you’re bound to find something here that they don’t teach in kindergarten.

Not such a good idea… duh!

Exploding paperweight costs teacher his hand – TalkBack
VENTURA, California (AP) — A teacher who kept a 40 mm shell on his desk as a paperweight blew off part of his hand when he apparently used the object to try to squash a bug, authorities say.

The 5-inch-long shell exploded Monday while Robert Colla was teaching 20 to 25 students at an adult education class.

Part of Colla’s right hand was severed and he suffered severe burns and minor shrapnel wounds to his forearms and torso, fire Capt. Tom Weinell said. No one else was injured. He was reported in stable condition at a hospital.

The teacher slammed the shell down in an attempt to kill something that was buzzing or crawling across the desk, said Fire Marshal Glen Albright.

Colla found the 40 mm round while hunting years ago and “obviously he didn’t think the round was live,” said Dennis Huston, who teaches computer design alongside Colla.

PA Roads Rated WORST in the USA

If you live in Pennsylvania and haven’t already said “this road sucks!” here is your proof that our roads really are horrible, trust the people that drive our roads professionally every day

Pennsylvania’s bad roads are no secret – PittsburghLIVE.com

Pennsylvania’s highway system hit another pothole last week when an Overdrive Magazine poll revealed that truckers declared the commonwealth’s roads to be the nation’s worst.

And the turnpike, based on high tolls, a generally bumpy ride and constant construction delays, took most of the blame.

Ten-four, good buddies, but we didn’t need you to tell us that.

Here a link to the original article at OverDrive Magazine and an excerpt:

Comedian W.C. Fields said: “On the whole, I’d rather be in Philadelphia.” According to the latest Overdrive Worst Roads survey,most truckers would rather not. On the whole, most would rather skip all of Pennsylvania.

For the second consecutive year and the fifth time in a decade, Pennsylvania leads our worst roads list. Among the chief complaints: the conditions of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, I-78 and I-80, and poor signage. The Turnpike, also known as I-76, is further ripped for its high tolls.