Keeping on….

OK, it looks like I have a little bit of explaining to do here…
What’s with the big gap in the diary? Well, I had the best intention of keeping this thing up to date, but there just wasn’t ever time–and to be honest, I forgot about it. But now it is firmly in the forefront of my mind and I seem to have some more free time in the evenings as well. I am also more eager to document my life now that there is a bambino on the way, some day I would like the little guy/gal to be abel to look back at what his/her dad was like–what he was thinking. Now, this might not be great idea but I am going to pursue it anyway. (The reason it might not be a great idea is that reading a parent’s diary is like looking behind the curtain and seeing that the great and secret Oz is just a little guy working the levers.)

On another note, I haven’t told robin that I am putting these thoughts out there for all the world to see… and that might irk her a bit–she is my wife after all and does have a right to know when i am talking, or in this case writing, about her. (NOTE TO SELF: tell robin tonite.)

This whole baby thing has knocked me for a loop, it was totally unexpected–damn that .3% chance that the pill will fail. I’m not upset that we are going to have a kid, it’s just that we were planning on holding off for a year or two to get our finances in line and have moved into our first house. Now the poor little bugger is going to have to come home to a less-than-perfect apartment to say the least. Other than the obvious lack of notice, the idea of havign a kid is pretty cool… but distracting. It has been tough to keep my mind on work in the past five days. At seemingly random moments, the thoughts just pop into my head like “I am gonna be a Daddy” and “At this time next year I willbe knee-deep in diapers”. Thinking about diapers makes it somewhat difficult to code web sites and administer servers…

I just looked back over what i have written in my browser and it looks pretty good, but it also looks pretty long, I need to figure out how to code these entries so that they aren’t one run-on page, but are still easy to deal with and navigate back and forth.

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