Stumbling upon history

Today I came across a quote by Earl Warren in an InfoWeek email bulletin: “Everything I did in my life that was worthwhile I caught hell for.”

Not really knowing who Earl Warren was I found out quickly he was Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court from 1953 to 1969. One of the most influential men of his day he is largely responsible for the Miranda Warning, secured a unanimous decision in Brown v. Board of Education, headed the Warren Commission that studied JFK’s assassination, affirmed inter-racial marriage, and interpreted the Sixth Amendment to require all criminal defendants to receive publicly funded counsel. Wow! Warren turned out to be a much more liberal justice than Eisenhower intended at the time of his appointment.

Other Earl Warren quotes of interest to me:

  • To get what you want, STOP doing what isn’t working.
  • The police must obey the law while enforcing the law.
  • I feel that the greatest reward for doing is the opportunity to do more.

So, other than picking up a few quotes that affirm my personal preferences this little excursion into history makes me ask the following question: if the courts wield so much power why don’t we pay more attention to them? Why don’t we learn about Supreme Court Justices like we learn about past Presidents?

Cell phone video brings home real news

747 Emergency Landing – Qantas jet

I read about the explosive decompression on the Qantas flight in the local paper this morning and it the article mentioned cell phone video. Within 10 seconds I was in the plane and could see things for myself. Cell phone video is now nothing really new but it still amazes me that people have the presence of mind to act as media agents and recorders of history even in the midst of catastrophe. This is the first time I’ve really been impressed by this type of footage. Of course it probably pays well to sell that video to Reuters….

The Wayback Machine

Joining Facebook has got me thinking about the past as I start to reconnect with people I haven’t seen or heard from in 10 + years. I started reading some of my old blog posts… many of which pre-date this domain name… the funny thing is that I was blogging way before that was even a word. Back in the day it was a novel thought to have an internet diary and scary too (that part hasn’t changed).

I’ve had a few domain names that I’ve sold or let drift away:


I’m sure there are others but even I have forgotten them, sad huh?

Anyway, ever wondered what a web site used to look like? Check out the Way Back Machine and give it a whirl!