IS the LANCO GOP Violating Voter Registration Laws?

We all know that Lancaster County is a Republican stronghold, so what. No big deal right? Actually it IS a big deal, the GOP relies pretty heavily on Lancaster to come up Republican at election time, to beat back the Democratic hordes in the rest of the state.

This article about GOP voter registration drives presents some interesting stats about voter registration in Pennsylvania.

“Pennsylvania, which with 21 electoral votes is among four large states still considered up for grabs in the presidential race, does in fact lean Democratic. Al Gore won the state in 2000, and polls show Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry leading Bush now.

Of Pennsylvania�s 7.6 million registered voters, 47 percent are Democrats, 42 percent are Republicans, and the remaining 11 percent are signed up with the Green Party, Libertarians or other third parties, according to the Department of State.

Republicans here hope to put a dent in that Democratic edge. Although the GOP holds a more than 2-to-1 margin among registered voters in the county � 60 percent are Republicans and 26 percent are Democrats � party officials say there is plenty of room for more.

About 82 percent of the county�s 350,000 residents over age 18 are registered to vote, according to the most recent census data and county voter records. That means more than 62,000 potential voters in the county are up for grabs.”

But what is bugging me today is the following quote…..

Fall Comes Early to

Imagine my surprise when I turned around in the grocery store last week to find my 2 year-old daughter holding a package of marshmallow pumpkin treats.

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