Introducing ‘Kid Speak’

I’ve got two kids and they say just some of the most hilarious things. In the new ‘Kid Speak’ category I’m going to try and capture some of their unique forms of expression.

Here’s one to start things off:

Stella, just a week shy of third birthday, as we are driving past a broad expanse of recently-fertilized mushroom farms:

Daddy! You’re supposed to say excuse me when you fart!

But I’m Not Dead Yet….

The IRS has informed a woman in Sinking Springs, PA that she is deceased, and as such, can not file a tax return… in particular receive her tax refund check. This woman has traveled to the local tax office with valid ID documents in hand and still hasn’t gotten anywhere.

Government (in)Action once again costing us time and money, and as usual, what would seem like a ‘cut and dried’ affair becomes a nightmare scenario.

Full Story:

Capital Punishment Is Too Good for these Criminals

Death is too good for these bastards… ‘parents’ my ass!

OK, I can understand some people can’t afford electricity, and I can even understand a need for an emergency trip to WalMart but to leave your sleeping kids home alone with lighted candles is an atrocity. Leaving a 2 year old in the care of a 6 year old is close to the edge of insanity in my book. 3 kids paid the price for their parents’ stupidity.

When those three kids went to sleep they didn’t expect for the last thought of the night to be the last thought of their lives. This makes me sick. No one deserves to die this way, especially children. All I can hope for is that these parents suffer every day as a result of their gross disregard, and even that doesn’t come close to paying for a triple dose of infanticide. Reckless endangerment just doesn’t come close, try these people for murder.

How can you not know that mixing children and unattended candles is a recipe for death?

3 children left home alone found dead after fire
By S.K. BARDWELL and MIKE GLENN – Copyright 2005 Houston Chronicle

The parents of three small children who died in a fire at the northwest Harris County apartment where they were left alone Monday night have been charged with endangering their children.

A candle left burning in the apartment — where the electricity had been cut off — is believed to have caused the fire that killed Ashlyn Page, 2, Alliaha Page, 4, and Alexis Page, 6, investigators said this morning.

Their parents, Kelvin Rucker, 30, and Royshunda Love, 24, left the children sleeping in upstairs rooms of the apartment to visit a nearby Wal-Mart, said Harris County Sheriff’s Department investigators. – 3 children left home alone found dead after fire

Debunking myths about Marfan Syndrome

I used to maintain an entire site about Marfan Syndrome (sometimes abbreviated as MFS) but junked it due to lack of participation. Howver, just because I mothballed the site the news alerts don’t stop arriving in my inbox. So here is the latest story on Marfan…

By TRICIA STUART , Special to The Herald Press

A rare disease, Marfan Syndrome can cause sudden cardiac death in the young and in athletes, but Marfan is only one disease that kills young athletes.
“Reasonable and careful screening of young athletes is worthwhile. The size of the joints and stretch marks on the skin are common in Marfan,” according to David Silverman, associate professor of medicine and director of non-invasive cardiology at the University of Connecticut Health Center.

Silverman works with colleague and world-famous geneticist, Petros Tsipouras, while researching Marfan Syndrome, a little known disease that affects the connective tissues, including the heart.

Marfan Syndrome has no age limitations and it is neither race nor gender specific.

Often thought of as a tall person’s affliction, “the first of many misconceptions about the illness is that height is in no way a criteria for Marfan Syndrome,” Silverman said. “I’ve met many who are short.The ratio of upper torso to lower body is a criteria, but tallness doesn’t have any thing to do with it.”

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