Does the Ford Bronco cause people to kill?

First it was OJ Simpson, now this crazy dude in State College, PA. IS it the white Bronco? Does this particular Ford product have strange mystical powers that attract psychos? This issue deserves significant study or at least some kind of media review… just how many crazies can be tied to a white Bronco? What makes this vehicle an ideal choice for nut jobs? It can’t be the gas mileage, maybe it is the roomy interior. I guess if you’re on a suicide mission in Central PA or fleeing the cops at low speeds in LA a Prius just doesn’t have the same panache. Here’s a related link… Christine think about it.

Cell phone video brings home real news

747 Emergency Landing – Qantas jet

I read about the explosive decompression on the Qantas flight in the local paper this morning and it the article mentioned cell phone video. Within 10 seconds I was in the plane and could see things for myself. Cell phone video is now nothing really new but it still amazes me that people have the presence of mind to act as media agents and recorders of history even in the midst of catastrophe. This is the first time I’ve really been impressed by this type of footage. Of course it probably pays well to sell that video to Reuters….

The Wayback Machine

Joining Facebook has got me thinking about the past as I start to reconnect with people I haven’t seen or heard from in 10 + years. I started reading some of my old blog posts… many of which pre-date this domain name… the funny thing is that I was blogging way before that was even a word. Back in the day it was a novel thought to have an internet diary and scary too (that part hasn’t changed).

I’ve had a few domain names that I’ve sold or let drift away:


I’m sure there are others but even I have forgotten them, sad huh?

Anyway, ever wondered what a web site used to look like? Check out the Way Back Machine and give it a whirl!

The Dark Side of Miyagi

Mr. Miyagi in full Effect

Mr. Miyagi: He will kick your ass. | Eat Lard.

Today we investigate the life of government strongman Mr. Miyagi. Mr. Miyagi is known to have killed at least 94 bad guys in his life and also has won a medal for being an alcoholic. Other achievements of Mr. Miyagi include inventing karate and Japan.

Mr. Miyagi will chop off your face.Mr. Miyagi can solve all problems. Even problems which involve nuclear attacks and the mafia are nothing for Mr. Miyagi.

Who Knew?

Sounds Like… ?

SCENE: sitting at the dining room table after steak, baked potato, corn on the cob, fresh broccoli

DAD: I don’t know dear I’ve heard the Dark Night is probably just too much for him…
MOM: Sam says that he saw it and that it’s violent but not gory. He thinks our evil genius child can handle it.
DAD: But doesn’t a guy get stabbed in the head with a pencil? I’d love to take him’cuz I want to see the movie, but he’s 8…
SON: [walking dishes to sink] What’s gory mean?
DAD: something that’s got a lot of blood and guts that kids shouldn’t see…
DAUGHTER (age 6): [overheard part of conversation from another room] Doesn’t gory mean happy? Like in that movie where they sing about “food gor -eee- ous food” … you know the food makes them happy?
SON: [walking past sister’s room now] I don’t think that’s it….