Teen Drivers: We’re Watching You

COMMENT: Finally some useful reason for a kid to carry a cell phone….

From http://www.TeenArriveAlive.com

From birth to their pre-teen years, your children have operated within a safe and supervised environment 24/7 – mostly at school and home. However, at some point they will begin their foray into the outside world – beyond your direct supervision. Most people would agree that as kids grow, this distance is necessary and desirable to form strong, independent personalities.

However, you know that your kids continue to need your guidance and direction throughout their teen years. Simply because a teen receives a driver’s license, doesn’t mean they automatically know and do everything required to keep themselves and others safe. This is why automobile accidents are the leading cause of death among teenagers. When society combines freedom from supervision with a ton or more of metal, adds speed and a feeling of invulnerability, the result is a recipe for disaster.
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