CTS 8/18/07 – Lancaster County Central Park

Took a short hike with my son on a stretch of the Conestoga Trail System that travels through Lancaster County Central Park. Round-tripped 4 miles (2 out and then back) from the East King Street entrance to Golf Road.

Friday night saw a severe thunder storm pass through the park and caused a significant amount of blow down damage to trees in the northeast section of the park, as seen in this photo. A few of the trees with blazes were knocked over completely.

Overall, a A pleasant stretch of trail with some nice views and a few moderately difficult hills. The park’s trail map seems pretty accurate. It turns out there are actually 10 hiking trails in the park, as described in the trail guide.

Addicted to Starbucks in Kindergarten

Scene: girl child, age 6, sitting at the dining room table munching on cold pizza crust (yikes?!) as Dad cooks some eggs for her breakfast.

Her: Dad, I sure could go for some Starbucks right now.
Me: Ohhhh REALLY?!
Her: Yeah! Yesterday when it was rainy and cold Mom and I went to this place called Starbucks and had hot chocolate and it was SOOOOOOO GOOD! MMMMmmmm.
Me: Shakes head, you want ketchup with your eggs?

A Little Too Early for This…

Scene: Playground outside a local elementary school after I pick up my daughter from a pre-kindergarten program, mid-morning, sun shining, early August.

Boy on playground equipment, age 6: Hey Mister…
Me: Yeah?
Boy: He pauses, not sure how to continue, and then eventually says…
   … Maybe, I think, your litle girl is cute….
Me: (as I keep walking) She sure is…
Me: <Internal dialog> It’s a good thing that kid is on that climber or I’d kick his butt.

CTS Trail Map: Section A Complete – draft

I finally manged to get back out on the trail after a four month hiatus. Who knew that summer would be so hectic?

Last Friday was a blistering, humid day for a hike that was mostly on asphalt roadways bounded by tall corn, but I banged out 9 miles. That completed Section A for me and put a good start on Section B.

With a full section of the trail under my belt I turned to ArcMap and, with the help of the DS Mapbook extension, published my first-ever map book!

The 10 page map book  shows Section A at 1″ = 1/4 Mile scale. View or download it now!  Check it out and let me know what you think. As the title of this post indicates, this is my first attempt and I’ll be working to clean up the page layout and map elements in the near future.

50 Conditions that mimic ADHD

I’m not sure of the source on this one, but it is thought-provoking….

50 Conditions that mimic ADHD

ADHD is diagnosed by health professionals who form their opinion by observing a child’s behavior. There are no brain scans, blood tests, or anything else definite that is used during diagnosis. The problem with this is there are many other problems that have the same symptoms of ADHD. Many parents, because of not knowing, settle for ADHD as a diagnosis before looking at everything. For example, any problem dealing with the fuels of the body: water, food, blood and air can cause behavior problems. Water, food, blood and air to the body are just like gas and oil to a car. If you put bad gas or have old or the wrong oil in your car, it will act up just like a child acts up when eating foods they are allergic to, drinking or breathing contaminated water or air or having blood disorders.

There are also many medical, biological, emotional and mental conditions that mimic ADHD also. For those who are searching for reasons behind their child’s behavior, here are some possibilities. Only settle for the diagnosis of ADHD after checking out all of these problems and many more.

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