You just can’t please them

Me: What do you want for breakfast son?
Son: Scrambled eggs and sausage.
Me: OK.

Ten minutes later as I put a plate of food in front of him…

Me: Here you go, enjoy!
Son: OHHH DAAAD! I told you SCRAMBLED eggs!
Me: Those are scrambled eggs, just like you wanted.
Son: But not this scrambled! These are way too scrambled!

Where is the town?

Where is the town?
Truck parked outside the only building in Hampton Junction, OR. They had the best BLT I’ve ever had. If you’re ever on Route 20 in south-central Oregon, stop in, it’s worth it. Of course there is no ‘town”.

CORRECTION: I’ve revisited this photo and found out it is actually in HAMPTON, OR and it is along the roadside on US ROUTE 20 in southern Oregon. You can get another view of the cafe in this photo by another traveler. They still have the best BLT I’ve ever eaten. I’ve come to find out the entire town of Hampton is 16 acres, and the town was purchased in 2005 by the Murray family. The Murray’s run the store/restaurant/gas station and they make up 7 of the 9 people in the town. Whoa! So the sign is really true, they are the best food in town.