Scene: driving to the Jersey Shore for a one-day excursion, sibling conversation in the back seat of the truck.

Daughter: When’s Grandma getting back from her trip to France?

Son: In the next couple of days, soon.

Daughter: Remember when Grandpa said he was going to play a trick on her and redecorate their house while she was gone? He said he was gonna put lava lamps all over the place and a disco ball and a flat screen TV in the bedroom?

Son: (Deadpan) I think Grandpa is turning into a hippie.

Daughter: Yeah!

Electric Chinese Invasion!

Electric Chinese Invasion!

Took this pic on my way home from work. Headline reads in my mind:
Communists electrify Lititz drivers….

Lititz Car Company is one of 60 dealers in the USA to start selling
these crazy three-wheeled, entirely electric cars. OK technically the
DoT classed them as motorcycles… and you need a motorcycle license to
drive ’em. Zap Xebra homepage @ http://www.zapworld.com/ .

What do I think? New, ugly, different. Of course it’s interesting, and
sad, to note that with all the ‘greening’ of America we’re at least two
years away from any ‘american’ manufacturer from putting a production
electric car on the streets. Beat to the punch by a second-world,
backward totalitarian state…. Bad karma.

I’m not going to hold out a lot of hope for the occupants of a Xebra
when they crash into a Ford Excursion at 35 mph… that’s going to be an
ugly call.

Olympic Games 2008

Scene: family room watching Olympic opening ceremonies, parade of nations….

Announcer: and in the crowd we have George Bush…
My Daughter, age 6: was he President once?
Me: (trying not to laiugh) actually he’s our current President.
My Son,age 8: what’s current mean?
Me: (wondering what they teach kids in school these days) That means ‘right now’.
My Son, age 8: Then he must get in for free!
Me: (laughing) you’re probably right.