Teen Smoking Ban – For or Against?

This has been a hot topic of late, maybe it will spark some interest in the forums…

The basic gist of the story as I know it is that Mayor Pettyjohn, the Borough Council, and the Lititz Police Department all endorse a proposed LOCAL ordinance to ban smoking in public places for all minors. While it is currently illegal for minors to purchase tobacco products, it is not illgal for them to use them. A public hearing on this ordinance is scheduled for some date in the future to be announced.

At this point I am against the proposed smoking ban. If this type of ordinance gets passed, how soon before the ‘fatty foods ban’ goes into effect or what about the ‘loud talking ban’.

For an area that is so strongly Republican, a political party that promotes smaller government, how can an expansion of municipal authority into the personal lives of our children be tolerated?

How would we all feel if the Borough Council passed an ADULT Smoking Ban for all public places in Lititz? That doesn’t sit so well does it?

Some food for thought, feel free to express your opinions and maybe I’ll come around to the other side of the issue.

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Lititz.GOV Where Are You?

Have you ever wondered why the Borough doesn’t have an official web site? I do, every day, as I answer email from people all over the world who visit LititzPA.com to get the information they need about our humble community.

If you are looking for info not posted on our site, please drop an email to webmaster@lititzpa.com or post your question in the Forums area. If we can’t answer your question, we’ll put you in touch with someone who can.

Some People Are Always Thinkin’

Ever notice how some people have lots of ideas? To the point that they seem like a pot just about to boil over? You know who I’m talking about, the type that has so much enthusiasm for something that you feel sort of queesy when you think about it?

Well, sometimes I’m one of those people and those thoughts just sort of pop out here. I think that type of enthusiasm is great and is what makes us all stretch our imaginations. Those people who are always thinkin’ seem to be the ones who are always challenging our assumptions as well… also a good thing.

garrie keyman is one of those people too and I’m glad we have her on our staff at LititzPA.com

Customer Service Means Local Service

Customer Service is the grease that makes the wheel of commerce go ’round. And let me tell you there are a ton of businesses out there that just don’t have a flippin’ clue on how to really please their customers–especially some of the corporate giants that we are forced to do business with on a daily basis.

It seems that the best service I get on a regular basis comes from people right in my backyard that can serve me face to face.

So if you have the choice, patronize a local business and get the benefit of real personal customer service, not the sad tripe that they are serving up at AT&T Wireless.